Are we drinking or pouring?

Dear Reader, I was rubbish.

Good design is all about opinion and on this matter I held both no opinion and too much opinion. Even worse, I was in favour of both opinions.

The internet records that: Bill Cosby, when asked "Is the glass half full, or half empty?" said "It depends on whether you are drinking or pouring".

This is indeed my dilemma: are we drinking or pouring?

In Payday, the lights that go around your daily budget are an indication of how close you are to payday. Every light represents a day. But should they count up or count down? Should a light come on or go out?

Both arguments are clear and make perfect sense.

It should be a countdown! Each light represents one more day to get through. Each light represents your money. No one counts up to payday, everybody counts down!

No! It should be a count-up! Each day nearer to Payday gets a light. The brighter the screen the closer you are to payday. This mirrors clocks, wait cursors and (of course) the Countdown quiz show's clock.

What do do?

"Put a preference", in suggested Bert. "No way!" I said sniffily, "every preference we add will kill a UI fairy. I do not want to be responsible for elficide".

So I made an arbitrary decision.

What swung it in favour of the count-up was the thought that on payday you would get no lights at all. Every light lit up seemed like a far more satisfying experience.

Every Payday is a little Birthday after all.